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The fall 2018 with CUR3D[:]!

The fall 2018 with CUR3D[:]!

The fall 2018 with CUR3D[:]! 680 480 RUHRSOURCE GmbH

The hot summer weeks were no reason for us to stay away from heat. On the contrary: our development team was really hard-working.

That’s why autumn 2018 will be hot for our CUR3D customers

In addition to the two new license types CUR3D Viewer (free) and CUR3D Maker Edition without Steam (for the regular CUR3D Maker Edition price, more about the new license types: see below), there will soon be some exciting changes.

  • Free entry of dimensions (length, width, height)
  • Optimized loading of Step and Iges files
  • Improved handling of the 3D viewport
  • Boolean functions (add and subtract)

But make the beginning:

  • A handy, integrated file browser

  • And two new themes: Velvet Touch (light) and Velvet Touch (dark)

Two new license types in fall 2018

CUR3D viewer

The CUR3D Viewer, as the name implies, limits CUR3D to just displaying 3D files. All file formats will be integrated, which also exist in the CUR3D Professional, with the exception of Step and Iges. Thanks to our outstanding technology, the CUR3D Viewer will be the fastest tool on the market for viewing 3D data. Of course, on board is also the Cut Slider, with which you can effortlessly inspect your 3D models.

And best of all: The CUR3D Viewer is free!

CUR3D Maker Edition without Steam

For a long time we thought about this step and finally made a decision: the development and support of the CUR3D Maker Edition ON STEAM will be discontinued until further notice. The distribution will continue for the time being via Steam; however – and this will, we think, all our Maker friends enjoy – the CUR3D Maker Edition will then be able to run WITHOUT STEAM.

How it works? Quite simply: The installation files will then be able to download from our server. A license for the CUR3D Maker Edition, you will also receive from us. Thus, the program runs without Steam installed.

But you already have a CUR3D Maker Edition license? No problem: We are currently working on a system to provide each customer (who purchased via Steam or through our shop) with a new license of the CUR3D Maker Edition. In the process, NO NEW COST will be incurred for our customers.

You own a Permission for Commercial Use license of the CUR3D Maker Edition? You lucky, because: … we will not sell this license model on Steam in the future. It will be completely replaced by the CUR3D Elements license, which also offers more options for file processing. But here too, you, as the owner of such a license, will receive NO OTHER COST. For you we have a special license model ready that corresponds to the Permission for Commercial Use.

Any questions or suggestions?

Then let us know. We look forward to your message!


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