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Whether 3D printing / additive manufacturing, consulting and training, the education sector “3D printing in school”, eligible MWIDE Consulting vouchers, software development, an online shop with hardware & consumer goods, or event booking: We offer comprehensive services.

More details about our services

  • Holistic project implementation
    • Consultation
    • Planning
    • CAD construction
    • CAD data preparation / data repair
      • Coring (removing “inner details” for privacy)
    • Ensuring 3D printability
    • 3D printing
      • every procedure
      • every material
  • Postprocessing of additively manufactured objects
    • Finishing by manually refining the surface quality
    • Paint
    • Filling
  • customized educational concepts as a service
    • for every school
    • every school subject
  • Promotion of students and teachers
Services MWIDE Innovation Voucher Voucher eligible for consulting

Our consulting, consulting and training offers are eligible!

  • Development of technologies and software for additive manufacturing to simplify 3D printing
  • Contract development
    • New developments
    • Optimizations
    • Integration of our software technologies into existing systems
  • User interfaces and operating concepts

In our online shop you will find everything you need for professional additive manufacturing in an SME or 3D printing in the home.

3D printing on your event: lasting impressions to touch

Book us for your event, exhibition, event, convention or open house, if you want a real eye-catcher to touch. In the luggage we have: 3D printers, exhibits, give aways & our know how.

Together with you, we design an unforgettable and tailor-made concept for your guests.


… there is more! If you have a request that may have something to do with our services, but is not explicitly listed, please let us know.

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