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3D printing on your event: lasting impressions to touch

Book us for your event, exhibition, event, convention or open house, if you want a real eye-catcher to touch. In the luggage we have: 3D printers, exhibits, give aways & our know how.

Together with you, we design an unforgettable and tailor-made concept for your guests.

3D Printer: The crowd puller 4.0

Fascinate your guests with additive manufacturing.

In our repertoire are – among other things – 3D printer manufacturer CraftUnique, which we can operate at your event in continuous operation.

In the run-up, we coordinate with you on the thematic live 3D prints.

Learn more about the CraftUnique CraftBot 3D Printer.

Exhibits: something tangible for everyone

3D printing – an optical and haptic experience: We work with you to produce exhibits (plastic from environmentally friendly corn starch) according to your needs, which we can produce for your event in advance or live (in the FDM process).

A large assortment of finished exhibits is also available.

Services: Event Booking Exhibit; exhibits impressions touch give aways 3d printer know how exhibit

Know-How: Of course we will not leave you alone

We accompany your event with our knowledge about additive manufacturing.

Whether general questions about 3D printing, technology, hardware and software or history as well as future prospects; Benefit from our experience.

At your event, up to three members of our team take care of your guests.

Giveaways in live 3D printing: a lasting impression

Your advertisement for the trouser pocket of your guests.

Personalized and themed; We offer give-aways tailored to your needs, which we can produce for you in advance and live on site.

Convince yourself of how 3D printing makes your event unforgettable.

Services: Event Booking Give Aways; impression impressions give give aways 3d printer know how
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