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New version of CraftUnique slicer CraftWare with german language

CraftUnique slicer CraftWare Version 1.16 in german

New version of CraftUnique slicer CraftWare with german language

New version of CraftUnique slicer CraftWare with german language 2560 1440 RUHRSOURCE GmbH

CraftUnique just released a new version of its very own slicer CraftWare. Among other things version 1.16 comes with full german and russian language support.

Visit CraftUnique’s or our download page to download CraftWare 1.16.

Full Changelog of CraftWare 1.16:

The Slicer Engine itself

– For two main reasons, we built a completely new slicer engine (Version 4): to increase the stability of the offsetter, and to find a solution for the dilemma concerning thin walls (in correlation with printing hairs and tentacles).
– HShell ZigZag optimization: This improvement combines small line segments into a longer single line.
– Raft Construction solely beneath the support sections: this option allows the user to generate a raft, or additionally printed foundation, just beneath the supports, not in contact with the actual printed object itself.
– With the Avoid Crossing Perimeters feature, the user can choose a print option that best prevents the travel from crossing open spaces on each single layer outside the perimeter of the printed object.
Printer Profiles:
– For meticulous results, Multiple printer profiles are supported. (CraftBot, CraftBot Plus, CraftBot 2, CraftBot XL)
– A Dual Extruder option has been added which supports the following modes: Dual, Support, Parallel and Mirror.
File handling:
– File types can be identified by the content – not just by the extension. If the file opening dialog is displayed, you can upload any type of file that is supported by CraftWare using the File Type Combo box.
– Opening a file directly from a URL: Drag’n’drop a URL file from your web browser into the program directly. CraftWare will download it and try to open it. (http/302 relocation is also supported).
– Integration with thingiverse.com: visually browse through popular printable objects in a list form by simply placing them into the Drag’n’drop section of CraftWare. In addition to the file download links (zipped and individual STL files), CraftWare will recognize links that identify the landing page of the object as well.
Object view: By pressing the CTRL button on your keyboard in correlation with the mouse movement, you will open up an expanded field of slicing visuals and opportunities:
– Cutting by plane feature: You can cut your models using an arbitrary plane.
– Model decomposition: You can split up your model in the case that the object surface faces are not connected, thus allowing you to focus separately on the individual pieces of a larger project.
– Scale/Mirror X All: this option takes the entire work area, support structures included, and modifies the subject to be a mirror image of itself. For example: a right arm when applying this feature, becomes a left arm -a great option for creating necessary variant parts for a larger project without having to go back into a design program and modify/recreate your original file.
Improved Auto Support feature
– Overall modifications to the auto support feature, allowing for “touch entity”: an improvement which traces the object surface and presents the auto supports’ contact area as something more similar that of a gentle cradle, in contrast to a hard point -much more effective.
GCode view
– The “Beach ball” bug is fixed.
– A Layer Pause Editor has also been added.
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