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It’s CUR3D, Merry Christmas 2016

It’s CUR3D, Merry Christmas 2016

It’s CUR3D, Merry Christmas 2016 800 383 RUHRSOURCE GmbH

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas 2016 – The Year Of Change

From a Three-Man-Startup with an idea to a serious company with an outstanding product. 2016 was our year of change. Welcome to our little time trip … Also: CUR3D Version, Xmas gifts and future prospects.

2016 we made a decision: we completely withdrew from the We-Are-A-Hipster-Start-Up-And-Live-Entrepreneurship-Life, so that we could concentrate entirely on our first market-ready product. Why? Problem was not the money but the time. We wondered why we should continue to spend time on startup events and pitches; New people usually did not get to know each other. Of course, it is nice to see the „startup family“ again, but pitching and the above-mentioned entrepreneurship are not our core business. A wise decision, as it turned out.

2015, in the previous year, we developed the first prototype for the technology behind CUR3D. Under the working title „Architecture Assistant“ a closed alpha was released at the beginning of 2016 and an open beta phase was published at the middle of the year. And these proved our guess: by focusing on the essentials, we have created something that was previously missing in the market and is actually needed.

In the follow-up we changed from the startup with an idea, to a serious company with a product. An outstanding product. On 2016-11-15 CUR3D – the first real 3D printing prepress – was released. Our first product and a very successful sales start!

Now we have arrived at a market full of complicated „solutions“, which often provide little satisfactory approaches, with the first solution that is really easy to use and delivers real, useful results.

Yet the path to perfection is still ahead of us. Currently we are „only“ the ultimate solution for any kind of model building 3d prints, but our goal is to conquer the market of functional models and rapid prototyping in 2017 as well. And we are on the best way to achieve this.

In the current update CUR3D provides, among other things, support for the file formats *.amf and *.x3d. Furthermore, we have revised the cut view – the Cut Slider – and simplified working with printer profiles. Also other performance and UI optimizations belong to the current state as well as general bugfixes. We would be happy to introduce you to the new possibilities of our software online. Free of course!


  • New import formats: AMF and X3D
  • Optical enhancement of Explorer thumbnails
  • Optical enhancement of the cut view
  • Various performance optimizations
  • Optimization of printer profiles
  • General UI / UX optimizations, such as mouse scrolling in large lists, new tooltips, tooltips, preview page ratio, etc.
  • Added options:
    • „About“
      • General information about RUHRSOURCE
    • „Keyboard Shortcuts“
      • Open Wiki Help (not available yet)
      • Authorotation
      • Send feedback
      • Cut-Slider (mouse control)
      • Restore window
      • Open default project directory
      • Open %LOCALAPPDATA%\RUHRSOURCE directory
  • Fixed bugs:
    • „Cut-Slider“
      • Sensitivity optimized
      • Eliminates unwanted cuts on large models
    • „Summary“
      • Camera position adjusted after processing
      • No more optical-spotting models more processing
    • „Import“
      • Fixed crashes when loading unsupported files

The Release Candidate (RC) of the update has recently been available for all those who participate in the program to improve user friendliness (Settings > General > „Enable the program to improve the user friendliness“ > CUR3D restart).

The stable release will also be available for everyone in the coming days!

The update is automatically downloaded if „Automatic Updates“ is activated (Settings > General > Automatic Updates > Restart CUR3D).

Alternatively, you can also download the software updates manually:

The integration of the file formats *.step and *.iges, manual and selective thickening of surfaces as well as textures are planned for the year 2017. Makers will not be too short in 2017, because CUR3D „The Maker Edition“ also takes a slow form. In addition, we are launching a new development with another developer on board, which makes the middleware CUR3D a full-fledged all-round solution. It will be exciting. We guarantee that!

In this way, we would like to thank all our customers, supporters, supporters and families!

And under the Christmas 2016 tree, we also put a little extra: our early bird discount is still valid until the end of 2016 and – for all early bird customers – from 2017 on a grace period on the Lifetime license.

We wish you a Merry Christmas 2016, a Happy New Year and a successful 2017 financial year!

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