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Investor wanted: RUHRSOURCE is looking for an growth financing

RUHRSOURCE sells company shares to investors for growth financing.

Investor wanted: RUHRSOURCE is looking for an growth financing

Investor wanted: RUHRSOURCE is looking for an growth financing 2560 1440 RUHRSOURCE GmbH

Bochum. The 3D printing software developer, service provider and evangelist for additive manufacturing RUHRSOURCE GmbH is currently looking for an innovative investor for growth financing and sells company shares on attractive terms.

BMWI BAFA www.invest-wagniskapital.de InvestorThe founding and first financial year 2017 was a complete success for the RUHRSOURCE: financially, strategically as well as from the learning of the three founders. According to current planning, even with the same performance in 2019, the 2.000.000, – € sales mark will be broken.

To open up new markets more quickly and reach countries that are now looking for „Invest-Förderfähig“ RUHRSOURCE GmbH for a vigorous, innovative investor as a sparring partner. For growth financing, company shares are sold on attractive terms.

You are an investor and do not know us yet?

RUHRSOURCE GmbH, based in Bochum, can look back on almost three years of history. The three founders (Dominik Halm, Christopher Maiwald and E. Christian Fleischmann, born Urginus) wrote it in 2015 to the cap to revolutionize the 3D printing by wanted to make it as easy as printing on a white piece of paper. With success. In February 2017, RUHRSOURCE GmbH was founded, partly from its own resources, partly from outside capital, but above all from software sales.

The tasks of RUHRSOURCE have always included the in-house development of software to simplify 3D printing (CUR3D – the first true 3D pre-press that makes 3D printing unrivaled in seconds and without any effort), but also services in the entire field of additive printing Production; including architecture, medicine and metal construction. Not only in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bochum is on everyone’s lips. Throughout Germany, the young company is booked as a speaker or even a crowd puller; always with their own mission in mind: 3D printing has to be easier and accessible for everyone.

By selling innovative hardware from the manufacturers CraftUnique from Hungary and Mosaic Manufacturing from Canada they completely round off their 3D printing portfolio.

Interested investors and business angels are welcome to contact the managing partners directly:

Direct contact:

Herr Dominik Halm




+49 (0) 23 27 – 60 48 31 – 0


+49 (0) 1 76 – 78 77 66 99


+49 (0) 23 27 – 60 48 43 3


RUHRSOURCE GmbH, Stresemannstraße 13, 44866 Bochum

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