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Happy Halloween! Gifts for everyone!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Gifts for everyone!

Happy Halloween! Gifts for everyone! 1200 588 RUHRSOURCE GmbH

Halloween gifts for everyone!

Happy Halloween

We decided to give away Halloween gifts for everyone. As you know, our Architecture Assistant BETA period runs out this month. *sigh* Actually, the planned was 2016-10-28. But then we thought: „Hey, what’s about the Halloween pumpkin printing people out there? What if someone forgot to 3d print his Halloween accessoires before 2016-10-28?“

So, we decided to extend the beta period till 2016-11-01!

Hurry up and register for the Architecture Assistant BETA. Start to speed up and simplify your 3D printing prepress stage today. Make everything 3d printable in just three steps: Data Input – Magic – Data Ouput.

But… that wasn’t all. We’ve got another present for you!

Download and 3d print your free lifesize coffin. Till 2016-11-01 we offer this free Halloween-alike STL file, too. Just register at check out and it’s yours. Forever. Re-use and modificate it if you want. We would really love it, if you send us pictures of the prints!

Halloween Free STL Gift

[su_row][su_column size=“1/4″]Next years Halloween 3d printings will be CUR3D.[/su_column] [su_column size=“3/4″]

Did you know that we announced the release date for CUR3D?

RUHRSOURCE CUR3D (spoken: cured) is the first real 3D printing prepress software. It helps you to convert extrem detailed 3D CAD data into a really ready-printable 3D models. All without the need of manual cleaning up the data, ie simplifying or correcting. Thus, the expense of the 3D printing prepress stage is reduced from hours to minutes.

The Gutenberg-revolution for additive manufacturing: No matter what type of vision models you want to print, CUR3D will revolutionize your work with 3D printers and, above all, speed up the process. Now you can concentrate on the essentials and CUR3D does the rest.

Now it’s printable, because it’s cured!


CUR3D is based on the technic of the free Architecture Assistant BETA, which is available till 2016-11-01, plus the feedback of our BETA customers. But it will be much more in the future!

CUR3D will be released on 15th November 2016

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