The Micro Plus family of 3D printers is ideal for a wide variety of professional 3D printing applications that require accuracy, reliability and a smooth surface finish that minimizes post-processing.

Available in two configurations, the Micro Plus series is a professional grade 3D printing solution utilizing an industrial UV LED light source and an integrated, embedded PC with Wi-Fi. The touchscreen adds convenience to the user interface, allowing for the necessary files for print to quickly and easily be transferred from any network computer directly to the Micro Plus via Wi-Fi.

Micro Plus 3D printers can produce functional parts with exceptional surface quality without sacrificing speed. The materials available for the Micro Plus line cover a wide range of applications, including jewelry, toy, medical, industrial design and engineering, and more.

Build Envelope

65 x 40 x 100 mm (2.36 x 1.77 x 3.94 in.)

XY Resolution

60 µm (0.0024 in.)

Dynamic Voxel Resolution in Z

25 – 75 µm (0.001 – 0.003 in.)

Light Source

Industrial UV LED

Data Handling



1 year back to factory including parts and labor

System Properties

'- Changeover between materials is quick and easy with no waste. – Plug and play with an easy to use software interface. – Very few moving parts guarantees a strong and reliable production system. – Touchscreen and embedded PC with Wi-Fi capability add ease to the user interface. – Footprint (L x W x H): 22.86 x 24.13 x 61.5 cm (9 x 9.5 x 24.2 in.) – Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)'

Materials Available

'- ABS Flex White: Snap-fit items that require some elasticity – E-Glass 2.0: Strong, clear material with flexible capabilities – ABS Hi-Impact: Prototype and end-use model printing – ABS Tough: Flexible, holding high stress and force – E-Guide Tint: A biocompatible material for precision surgical drill guides used in surgery – EC500: A castable material with moderate levels of wax for 3D printing heavier jewelry pieces up to 20 grams finish weight – EC3000: A high wax content material that delivers crisp details and a smooth surface finish, along with a clean burnout for foolproof casting – E-Dent 100: Dental crown and bridge dental material. – E-Guard: A biocompatible crystal clear material for accurate bite and night guards – E-Partial: A castable material specifically formulated for patterns with thin features and some flexibility, such as partial frameworks – EPIC: A low-wax 3D printing material ideal for professional retail and jewelry customers who require flexibility between large and small pieces – E-Shell® 200 Series: For hearing aid products, otoplastics, and medical devices – E-Shell® 300 Series: for applications in the Hearing Aid industries – E-Clear Series: Custom hearing device applications – E-Shell® 500 Series: Hearing Aid applications distinguished for soft durability – E-Shell® 3000 Series: for hearing aid industries, distinguished for rigidity and durability – E-Silicone: silicone otoplastics by additive manufacture – HTM 140 V2: High temperature molding material for non-metal masters – LS600: extremely durable for use in high accuracy parts – PIC 100 Series: A popular casting material, PIC 100 is ideal for printing jewelry, dental and other parts requiring exceptional detail and surface finish – Press-E-Cast: A wax-filled photopolymer material to 3D print castable parts with extreme dimensional accuracy and exceptional surface finish. – Photosilver: highly detailed parts with crisp features – Q-View: Super-fast printing material for quick design verification models – Pro Gray: for robust and durable parts – E-Denstone: A material developed specifically for the rapid production of highly accurate, scannable dental models – E-Shell® 600: Hearing Aid applications distinguished for soft durability – R5: robust, accurate, and functional parts – R11: robust, accurate, and functional parts – RC Series: Ceramic-filled material for 3D printing very high resolution parts that are also tough and stiff – WIC100 Series: A popular value casting material containing 20% powder wax content, allowing for standard wax burnout cycle with most investments – E-Model: Prototype and end-use model printing – E-Dent 400: Dental crown and bridge material – E-Gum: Creates flexible gingival masks for use in combination with 3D printed dental models. – E-IDB: Orthodontic indirect bonding trays – E-CE (Cyan Ester): A stiff, heat-resistant dual-cure material that also offers chemical resistance – E-Poxy Series: A biosourced, tough, dual-cure material for producing strong thin walls – E-Denture: A biocompatible material for direct 3D printing of pink denture bases – E-Rigid PU: Polyurethane-like resin that 3D prints end-use and prototype parts that compete with injection molded plastics – E-Tool 2.0: A glass-filled photopolymer for 3D printing injection molds'


'- Entertainment – Jewelry – Consumer Goods – Education – Medical Devices – Manufacturing'