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Everything becomes 3D printable.

And easier than ever.
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CAD data are usually not easy to print, because in most cases several hours of preparation of the drawing are necessary: too thin walls and overlapping surfaces must be corrected, as well as wrong normals. The filling of cavities and holes takes a lot of time. And if the scaling factor differs from the original data then frustration is inevitable.

Now it's printable, because it's CUR3D!

RUHRSOURCE CUR3D (pronounced: cured) reduces this workload from several hours to just a few minutes.

The Gutenberg revolution for 3D printing: No matter what kind of 3D models you want to 3D-print, CUR3D will revolutionize and above all accelerate your work with 3D printers. Now you can focus on the basics and CUR3D does the rest.

Thats what our customers say

What does CUR3D do?

All following information and pictures are mainly related to the CUR3D Professional version. If you are looking for information about the CUR3D Maker Edition, please visit our Steam Store page.


CUR3D pays off right from the first use. The time you spent on manual CAD data preparation can now be invested in more ideas, models, and assignments. Gone are the days when you had to shut down a customer due to unusable data.




with CUR3D

Process gigabytes in seconds...

Have you ever tried to make gigabyte-sized data 3D-printable? For example, because you construct large industrial plants or work as a city planner. One thing is for sure: any cloud service would refuse service here, and most other tools have horrendous hardware requirements.

CUR3D is the first true 3D pre-press, making it the first software on the market that can prepare a model of any size – no matter the initial size – and at any resolution for 3D printing.

In the development of CUR3D, we have worked closely with various industries to incorporate our findings in areas such as architecture, automotive and machinery, plant and metal construction.

Opinions from all surveyed companies were similar in the following points: simplicity, speed and above all security.

Since cloud services are in any case out of the question for large amounts of data and the entry into additive manufacturing is already costly enough, software must be fast and scalable.

...and discover the infinite applications of CUR3D

CUR3D is suitable for:

  • View models
  • Architecture / Plant Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Medicine
  • Metal Engineering
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • … yes, even for the creation of 1: 1 print data for the house building of the future with 3D printers

And much more!

CUR3D ensures speed and scalability through:

Low minimum system requirements

64-bit system, Microsoft Windows 7, 4 GB of RAM, 150 MB of hard disk space, DirectX 11 graphics card

Optimal use of the hardware

For CUR3D you only need a fast hard disk (eg SSD) and sufficient RAM (depending on the application). It also supports any printing process, any resolution, and any printer.

When an in-house additive manufacturing department is lacking, companies tend to shy away from providing engineering CAD data for illustration purposes in 3D printing. Rightly so, because sensitive facts that are subject to secrecy, could get so outwardly to the public.

CUR3D is therefore the perfect solution to protect your sensitive customer data.

The safest way to protect your 3D printing data: No cloud and really just what you want to show others

CUR3D ensures this security through two important features:

No cloud!

Complete abandonment of cloud solutions.

You decide what you see!

Automatic removal of details in closed spaces.

Who said it would be complicated to make 3D models 3D printable? We think that software has to be easy to use for everyone. Especially when it comes to demanding topics such as additive manufacturing.

In order to facilitate the entry into the additive manufacturing, one needs above all simple and understandable software.

That’s why CUR3D works on the principle: “Data in – magic box – data out”

And best of all: CUR3D is easy and can be operated by anyone!

Our solution CUR3D ensures this simplicity through its logical structure and its uncomplicated way of working:

Clearly structured process

Import> Select> Prepare> Export … not more!

Everything is automatic

Scaling, Thickening Walls, Overlapping Overlapping Surfaces and False Normals, Closing Gaps, Fitting to the Print Bed, Batch Processing … and Much More!

3D models by: barspin, CaptainObvious, Prevue Medical, RUHRSOURCE

Optimized UI since version 1.3 ...

... and new features.

In detail

Keep the perspective

With the Cut-Slider, you can easily look inside 3D models and find errors.

No more unprintable walls

Analyze the wall thicknesses of your 3D models in seconds.

May it be a little bit more?

Do you often work overnight? Let CUR3D work for you! CUR3D offers you a fully automated batch processing function. Just create all your projects according to your wishes during the day; You press Start and quit while CUR3D begins to take over the night shift.

Always in the picture

Did you know that CUR3D also comes with an Explorer extension that allows you to view STL files directly in any directory without an extra tool?

Supported file formats

We are constantly expanding the compatibility with new file formats.


Minimum system requirements

* Microsoft®, Windows®, Windows 7® and DirectX® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and / or other countries.

64-Bit-System from Microsoft Windows 7* 4 GB RAM
150 MB hard disk space DirectX* 11 graphic card Internet

License models and version differences

All prices are per license. A license authorizes the operation of the software on one device. A license is transferable between multiple devices, i. It can be manually logged off from one device to manually log on to another device. Simultaneous operation with the same license on multiple devices is only possible in the volume license model.

Only over Steam Online copy protection Cloud-free working Commercially usable All import formats All Export formats Device management Project management Theming Object tree Full-color prints Cut Slider Wall thickness analysis Pipeline Explorer extension Controllable via command line File Browser
Maker Edition with Steam
Maker Edition without Steam
CUR3D Maker Edition Packshot

Maker Edition

For private individuals and exclusively for non-commercial use.

  • Import formats
    • STL
  • Export formats
    • STL


49,99 €

(incl. VAT)
one time fee

Only for private use

CUR3D Elements Packshot


Intended for use in companies.

  • Import formats
  • Export formats
    • STL


999,- €

(excl. VAT)
per year

For commercial purposes


5.000,- €

(excl. VAT)
one time fee

For commercial purposes

CUR3D Advanced Packshot


Intended for use in companies.

  • Import formats


1.995,- €

(excl. VAT)
per year

For commercial purposes


10.000,- €

(exclu. VAT)
one time fee

For commercial purposes

CUR3D Professional Packshot


Intended for use in companies.


299,- €

(excl. VAT)
per month

For commercial purposes


2.995,- €

(excl. VAT)
per year

For commercial purposes


15.000,- €

(excl. VAT)
one time fee

For commercial purposes

Other license models

Monthly / Annually / Lifetime as well as commercial and non-commercial

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