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April-Aktion-2019: CUR3D Professional kaufen, CraftBot Plus gratis erhalten

Buy CUR3D Professional Annual License and get CraftUnique CraftBot Plus 3D Printer for free

Buy CUR3D Professional Annual License and get CraftUnique CraftBot Plus 3D Printer for free 1080 608 RUHRSOURCE

ATTENTION, ATTENTION: This is not an April Fool!

From 01.03.2019 to 01.04.2019 EVERYONE who buys a CUR3D PROFESSIONAL ANNUAL LICENSE will receive a FREE CRAFTUNIQUE CRAFTBOT PLUS 3D printer.

Sorry, what did you say?

Yes, you have read correctly. For a short time, every buyer of a CUR3D Professional Annual License will receive a CraftUnique CraftBot Plus 3D Printer for free.

With this offer you can start directly with the 3D printing

We do not have to say many words about CUR3D. In short: CUR3D makes everything 3D printable in a few seconds. The Professional Edition includes all features of the 3D printing software without exception. In the upcoming update you will also be able to apply simple Boolean functions and subsequently be able to manipulate a 3D model without losing 3D printability. The shutdown of the automatic thickening is next on the plan and will – according to the current state of development – in April catching fire.

Made in Europe 3D printer for free: CraftBot Plus from CraftUnique

The CraftBot Plus 3D printer from the Hungarian manufacturer CraftUnique is – in addition to the CraftBot 3 – the most popular 3D printer in our shop and is suitable for both beginners and professional FDM 3D printing.

4.625,05  3.564,05 

CUR3D Professional – CraftBot Plus Bundle

Angebotspaket bestehend aus:

  • 1x CUR3D Professional Jahreslizenz
  • 1x CraftUnique CraftBot Plus 3D Drucker
    • Bitte geben Sie ihre Wunschfarbe (blau, grau oder weiß) bei der Bestellung an!

Nach dem Zahlungseingang wird ihre CUR3D Professional Lizenz innerhalb von 24 Stunden erstellt und an Ihre angegebene E-Mail-Adresse gesendet. Je nach Lagerbestand dauert die Lieferung des CraftUnique CraftBot Plus 3D Druckers zwischen 1 bis 6 Wochen.


Get started right away

The bundle includes:

  • 1x CUR3D Professional Annual License
  • 1x CraftUnique CraftBot PLUS 3D PRINTER
    • Please specify your desired color (blue, gray or white) when ordering!

Attention: Upon receipt of payment, your CUR3D Professional license will be generated within 24 hours and sent to your specified email address. Depending on the stock, the delivery of the CraftUnique CraftBot Plus 3D printer takes between 1 to 6 weeks.

CUR3D Professional Packshot

CUR3D Professional Annual License worth 3.564,05 € (VAT included)

CAD data is usually not easy to 3D print, because usually several hours of preparation of the drawing are necessary: too thin walls and overlapping surfaces must be corrected, as well as wrong normals. The filling of cavities and holes takes a lot of time. And if the scaling factor differs from the original data then frustration is inevitable. But we have the solution: CUR3D!

RUHRSOURCE CUR3D (pronounced kjʋəd) reduces this workload from several hours to just a few minutes.

The Gutenberg revolution for 3D printing: No matter what kind of 3D models you want to print, CUR3D will revolutionize and above all accelerate your work with 3D printers. Now you can concentrate on the essentials and CUR3D does the rest.

All further information about the CUR3D Professional Annual License.

CraftUnique CraftBot PLUS 3D printer worth € 1,061.00 (VAT included)

CraftBot 3D printer was designed and built from scratch in order to develop the ultimate tool for beginners and experienced users as well. It’s an easy to use, plug-and-play device – you can get from unpacking to printing your first 3D object ever in minutes. However, CraftBot Plus is far from being a “basic 3D printer” as it easily outperforms more expensive machines in many aspects!

More about the CraftUnique CraftBot PLUS 3D Printer.
CraftUnique Craftbot PLUS Blue 3D Hubs

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 46 × 42 × 43 cm

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