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Early bird discount: Save 15%

Early bird discount: Save 15%

Early bird discount: Save 15% 1200 588 RUHRSOURCE GmbH

Special early bird discount offer:

15% early bird discount till 15th November 2016

Save 15% early bird discount

Buy CUR3D now by phone and save the 15% early bird discount till 15th November 2016, the official release date of CUR3D.

Call +49 (0)23 27 – 60 48 31 – 0 and ask for the early bird discount.

Customer feedback

[wc_testimonial by=“Benjamin Kapfinger, Linder Group KG“ url=“http://www.lindner-group.com“ position=“left“]

„For this software, I´d like to congratulate you! The requests within our company for printed architecutral models of our projects are increasing. Unfortunately, their preparation was previously either very time-consuming uneconomical or not possible at all. In addition, I think it is great that your software does not use any cloud services while still offering tremendous performance. […] I was able to process data pieces that exceeded one gigabyte in a few minutes. […] This software exactly fits our needs; both the large number of possible settings and the extensive range of possible resolutions.“


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[wc_testimonial by=“H. Gräbeldinger, CNC Machines GmbH“ url=“http://www.cncsales.com“ position=“left“]

„We saved about 4 hours of work.“


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[wc_testimonial by=“Oliver Wesch, 3D Fabrik“ url=“http://www.3d-fabrik.eu“ position=“left“]

„The software is very user friendly. There is not much to do. Principle:

Data Input→Magic Box→Data Output“


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[wc_testimonial by=“Márk Örkényi, TriD 3D printing“ url=““ position=“left“]

„This is the software I was looking for a really long time! I managed to slice a directly exported building model with your software, …“




But what is CUR3D?

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CUR3D Logo

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The first real 3D printing prepress

Most CAD data are not printable out of the box. Usually several hours of preparation of the drawings are necessary: thin walls and overlapping surfaces must be corrected, as well as wrong normals. The filling of cavities and holes takes much time, too. And if the scaling factor also deviates from the original data, frustration is pre-programmed.

RUHRSOURCE CUR3D (spoken: cured) reduces the amount of work from many hours to a few minutes.

The Gutenberg-revolution for additive manufacturing: No matter what type of vision models you want to print, CUR3D will revolutionize your work with 3D printers and, above all, speed up the process. Now you can concentrate on the essentials and CUR3D does the rest.

„Now it’s printable, because it’s CUR3D!“



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