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Finally released today: RUHRSOURCE CUR3D

Finally released today: RUHRSOURCE CUR3D

Finally released today: RUHRSOURCE CUR3D 1200 588 RUHRSOURCE GmbH

RUHRSOURCE CUR3D finally released today after one year of development.

CUR3D finally releasedOut now: CUR3D finally released

After one year of development, the first real 3D printing prepress software CUR3D was finally released today on 15th November 2016. We – RUHRSOURCE – are very proud to present you this milestone of 3d printing automation middleware.

As you know, CUR3D is based on the Architecture Assistant technology, which you could test extensively and free of charge in the last months. We thank you for all your feedback and thoughts! We have decided to grant the discount a little longer. Just ask us, by mail or phone, for the early bird discount. Our digital shop will be online in a few days, too.

What’s new in CUR3D?

We took our time during and after the beta phase to optimize everything, starting with the general user interface and experience through the overall performance to the core features. Compared to the very first version, there is no stone on the other side:

CUR3D finally released - Architecture Assistant alpha screenshot

Our certified UI/UX expert Christian created a wonderful, really easy to use user interface:

CUR3D finally released - Simple and user-friendly GUI

Christopher – our native magician (aka developer) – has done miracles. He has managed CUR3D to work where other software is giving up. We owe him the final printable results and the incredible speed of CUR3D:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsqtxSdezE4[/embedyt]

And Dominik asked the right people to test our technology:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwjK89AFs7o[/embedyt]

What is really new in CUR3D?

First of all: CUR3D is not only working with architecture stuff. It is really healing every kind of viewing model. That’s one of the reasons we step away from „Architecture Assistant“ to „CUR3D“, because everything is cured and printable with CUR3D.

Besides the only solution on the market which can lossless scale up and down exported files like STL, it makes models waterproof, corrects overlapping areas and wrong normals and fills gaps. As a middleware CUR3D supports every 3D printer and printer technology and resolution, too. That means, that you can use your favourite CAD modeling software to create your 3d model, your favourite slicer tool to create the G-Code and your favourite 3d printer to print, too.

Also CUR3D offers features like automatic adjustment to the print bed, batch processing of CUR3D projects (we call it „Pipeline“), full and mono colour prints, detail selection prints and the „Cut Slider“, a visual tool that slices through your import and export model… think of a CT scan for 3D models.

[su_custom_gallery source=“media: 1659,1656,1657,1658,1660,1661,1605″ link=“lightbox“ width=“210″ height=“170″ title=“never“]

3D models by: barspinCaptainObviousPrevue Medical, RUHRSOURCE

We upgraded the amount of import formats, too: stl, ply, 3ds, ase, c4d, fbx, dae, blend, obj, ms3d, ifc, lwo, lws, ac, lxo, xgl, zgl, gltf, glb, x and more are coming soon.

CUR3D exports data to stl and ply.

Now it’s printable, because it’s CUR3D!

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