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Anniversary Senkrechtstarter: We won!

Senkrechtstarter 2017: Platz 1 RUHRSOURCE aus Bochum

Anniversary Senkrechtstarter: We won!

Anniversary Senkrechtstarter: We won! 1920 1121 RUHRSOURCE GmbH

1st place at the anniversary Senkrechtstarter in Bochum

Senkrechtstarter 2017: Platz 1 RUHRSOURCE aus Bochum

2017-04-26: RUHRSOURCE wins the first place at the tenth Senkrechtstarter in Bochum

RUHRSOURCE GmbH is proud to announce that it has won at this anniversary event: this year’s first place and a prize money of 15,000 euros will go to RUHRSOURCE from Bochum.

In addition to the mayor of the city of Bochum – Thomas Eiskirch – the rank and name of Bochum’s business and university education were represented as guests and speakers.

RUHRSOURCE would like to thank the Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung and congratulates all other winners of the 10th competition:

2nd place: SomaView
3rd place: Toby’s BBQ
All 4th places: Foodweek, Nutrient-Rich, Sensirious Clean, Silbenfisch, SimplifiySolutions, Torben Hermanns, Weber & Strotmann

Senkrechtstarter 2017 in Bochum: Die Sieger-Teams.

The Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung says in the most recent report about the Senkrechtstarter:

Unique concept of competition

Werner Fuhrmann, Founder and Growth Director of Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung: „In the last ten years, the Senkrechtstarter has developed into one of the most renowned start-up competitions in North Rhine-Westphalia.“ His large voluntary consultancy network, individual consultations and the accompaniment of the foundation beyond the competition already make the participation to the actual profit.

„Without the know-how that we gained by participating in the Senkrechtstarter, we would never have been successful,“ says Florian Hermann and Erik Schwarzer, Managing Director of Grubenglück GmbH. In the Senkrechtstarter 2012/13, they took the first place with their foundational idea, Knüppelknifte — a bakery grill concept at the table. In the meantime, Hermann and Schwarzer, in addition to the Knüppelknifte System GmbH, are also a well-performing photo and film agency. They have gained the necessary knowledge in the field of vertical launchers.

A total of 265 participants participated in the tenth Senkrechtstarter competition in 2016/17 and submitted 52 business plans. The Senkrechtstarter is the industry-oriented start-up competition of the Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung. In just six months, he leads his participants from the idea to the final business plan. An honorary network of around 300 experienced practitioners supports the participants with advice and action on all questions of business planning and the founding of the company. And with success: More than 440 companies and 1,440 jobs have so far been created with the Senkrechtstarter, including 165 companies with 515 jobs in Bochum.

Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung is a service provider for all Bochum companies. It helps start-ups, is in constant contact with entrepreneurship and implements innovative settlement concepts.

The next Senkrechtstarter will begin in October 2017. Participation is free. Every business idea from North Rhine-Westphalia is welcome.

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