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In December 2014, the idea arose to develop 3D CAD software explicitly for additive manufacturing. At the beginning of 2015, RUHRSOURCE (then GbR) was born from the idea. The three founders interviewed and interviewed, among others, 3D printing service providers, architects and metalworkers to analyze what makes 3D printing more complicated than other manufacturing techniques and how they make it more attractive, cost effective and above all easier for anyone can. It quickly became clear that the entry barrier was not the price, but false expectations and an immensely high learning curve in producing and reproducing 3D printable data.

A solution had to be made that can make 3D-printable 3D-CAD data or 3D models without any training time; according to the principle “data in> magic box> data out”, something – as the three founders always preach – that anyone can serve.

In the summer of 2015, the development of CUR3D, the first true 3D pre-press, at that time still under the working title “Architecture Assistant” and ended over a year later with the release in November 2016.

CUR3D has been gaining in popularity since its inception as it’s easier, faster, and therefore less expensive than its competitors.

In February 2017, RUHRSOURCE GmbH was founded from equity and grants from the state, which received an additional investment in October 2018.

Senkrechtstarter 2017: Platz 1 RUHRSOURCE aus BochumThe successful launch of the software and consulting services, brought the young startup a variety of success pitch events. Their media-effective appearances were crowned with the first placement at the Jubilee “Vertical Starter of the City of Bochum” in April 2017 and the “Innovation Award IT: Landessieger Nordrhein-Westfalen” in April 2018.

The RUHRSOURCE has meanwhile withdrawn from the Young Entrepreneur Pitch competitions and instead advises young Bochum founders on their way to becoming self-employed. She is assisted by a strong partner and innovative pioneer of economic development: the “Bochum Economic Development”.

The team

RUHRSOURCE’s goal is to produce innovative software solutions for 3D printing with a clear focus on simplicity and productivity. Our team is made up of veteran industry veterans with decades of technology development experience.

Chief Marketing Officer, CEO

Ernst Christian Fleischmann, b. Urginus

Chief Sales Officer, CEO

Dominik Halm

Chief Technical Officer, CEO

Christopher Maiwald

Head of Industrial Design

Thomas Vößing

Consulting and Training

Christian Jens Jelich von Ruhr3D®

The Advisory Board

(the total of 13 shareholders)

Ernst Christian Fleischmann, b. Urginus

Dominik Halm

Christopher Maiwald

Josef Rentmeister

Jörg Penner

Michael Hallen

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